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For those of you who have credit card debt or KTA debt or other debts, you have an obligation to pay off your debt in full. If you cannot pay your debt installments and end up in arrears, the debt collector or debt collector will come to you and collect the debt directly to you. There are people who prefer to run away from debt collectors when they don’t have money to pay debts, compared to facing debt collectors to discuss their current financial conditions and look for other opportunities to pay off their debts. Avoiding debt collectors will not get you out of your debt now, but will only lead you to a debt circle that will not break up unless you insist on leaving the circle.

Schemes that often occur are like this:


Schemes that often occur are like this:


Debtors apply for KTA debt / have credit card debt from their card arrears, if the debtor has money to pay off, it will be repaid immediately. If the debtor does not have the funds to pay off or to pay the installments, the bank will be contacted to pay off. If the debtor cannot pay installments after a certain period, the debt collector will be assigned to go to the debtor and collect the debt directly to the debtor. There are elements of debtors who do not want to face a debt collector and ultimately avoid a debt collector with the excuse of being mistaken and other reasons.

Avoiding debt collectors in any way will not solve your debt problems. You will only be followed by feelings of anxiety about the existence of a debt collector and you cannot focus and calmly carry out your daily activities. Not only that, you will only deal with bigger things and certainly hinder your life in the future.


You will enter the collectabile score 


You will enter the collectabile score 

Yes, right. Your name will be listed in the OJK SLIK blacklist (formerly called BI Checking). If your name is found on the blacklist, your activities will certainly be hampered and you will find it difficult to carry out banking activities. Just say what is certain to happen is that you will be made difficult to make a loan to the bank if your name is still listed on the OJK SLIK blacklist . In addition, if you apply for a job in companies engaged in banking, your chances of being accepted will also decrease dramatically, because usually the company will do a background check or someone’s background check. (Also read: The Right Way to Get Rid of BI Blacklist )

“What should I do then?”

You should look for new sources of income so that you can immediately pay off the remaining debt that is still running. You can start a business, find a new job, or you can negotiate your debt if you feel your current debt repayments are too heavy for you to pay off per month. Remember, running from a debt collector will only make things worse.

In Ramadan, the bank where you apply for KTA debt or credit card debt usually provides a relief program so that you can pay your debt installments so that there are no arrears that lead to the arrival of the debt collector to your place. This relief can be in the form of deductions if you directly pay off your debt, or reschedule, which is an extension of the tenor of paying a lower interest debt. All of these programs aim to pay off your debt and not avoid bank bills every month.

The process of negotiating your debt is not an easy process if you are not a financial expert – especially when you have to negotiate debt with several banks. If you are overwhelmed with your situation now, you can contact Albert Campion . Our consultants have handled hundreds of cases in the field of debt negotiation and can give you an idea of ​​what you can get.

If you have succeeded in paying off your debt, then the next step is to manage your finances well, and if you continue to choose to maintain your credit card, make sure that you can control the use of your credit card, and you are not liable for the second time.

Note: As of January 2018, the entire BI Checking process to obtain a Historical IDI can no longer be accessed through Bank Indonesia. You can get it through the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in the Financial Information Service System (SLIK)